The Ping feature has finally arrived!

Ever wonder where all of your friends are and what they are doing right now at this moment in time? But you wish there was an easier way to find out without having to text everyone you knew?

This is why we created our newest feature, Ping. Now, when you want to know where your friends are, all you have to do is send them a Ping, which will allow them to share their location with you in real-time! 

But don’t worry, their location does not stay there forever. It’s just a snapshot of where they are at the current moment and it will go away after 1 hour!

Here’s How Ping Works

In order to use this feature with your friends, they need to have the Hopspottr app and they need to follow you!

Once you press the Ping button on the bottom right of the navigation bar, you will be brought to a map, which shows your location and where your friends' locations will pop up when they accept your Ping.

After pressing the “Ping Someone” button, you’ll have the choice to Ping either all of your followers or just a select few. Depending on how many people you've sent it out to, you can choose when you receive notifications so you don't get bombarded with alerts. 

Once your friends accept your Ping, you’ll be able to see their current location on your map. But remember, this does not mean their location is being tracked! It is only a snapshot of where they were when they accepted your request.

So next time when you're out grabbing a drink and want to change locations, keep it simple and Ping your friends to see who is around. 


Don’t have any friends on the app yet? Have no worries, press the Ping button twice on the navigation bar, and you’ll be able to head over to the Ping Activity screen and invite your friends to Hopspottr!

What's Next For Hopspottr

We are working on a few cool things for our users, starting with an intelligent system for delivering relevant app notifications! We'll be able to let you know when your local coffee shop, restaurant, and bars start trending.

Make sure to follow your favorite places and invite your friends to Hopspottr, it'll make your experience even sweeter! 

Happy Pinging!