Hopspottr is a mobile app that helps entertainers interact with their fans based on location, and enables those entertainers to produce a new revenue stream using our unique ‘drop in’ functionality.

How It Works

Standard Users

Our mobile app primarily revolves around three core functions for standard users. With Hopspottr, standard users can:

  1. See how crowded over 300,000 US bars, nightclubs, and restaurants are from the comfort of their phone.

  2. Share and view content from those places to better understand the current atmosphere.

  3. Plan and manage meetups with friends at these different places.

The combination of these unique elements alongside our proprietary software gives us a competitive advantage no one else can replicate. We have essentially created a social media app designed around location and have spent tremendous resources to ensure entertainers can use this unique platform to interact with their fans while simultaneously building a powerful new revenue stream.


Entertainers have the ability to do two unique things with Hopspottr:

  1. Interact with fans based on their current location.

  2. Earn revenue from these interactions.

When an entertainer ‘drops in’ to a business registered with Hopspottr, a push notification is sent to all standard users that follow the entertainer up to a 50 mile radius. This unique ability:

  1. Gives fans the chance to interact in-person with their favorite entertainers.

  2. Provides an opportunity for entertainers to earn revenue simply by ‘dropping in’ to different places.

  3. Enables a powerful way for businesses to gain influence and increase brand strength by letting everyone know the celebrities that frequent their establishment.

Our payment system is automated and works as follows:

  1. The business participating in the “drop-in” program pays Hopspottr a fee for each push notification sent to the entertainer’s followers. The business also has the option to send a notification to all Hopspottr users who follow their business page on the app.

  2. The entertainer defines roughly how long they plan to be at the business. Using an algorithm, we determine what radius to send the push notifications in. The longer the entertainer plans to be at a business, the larger we make the radius for standard users to be notified.

  3. Once the entertainer “drops in” to the participating business, our system immediately bills the cost for each push notification sent out using their credit card we have on file. That money is then automatically transferred to the entertainers checking account in our system. Typical payout time is one business day.

Early Opportunity Program

Hopspottr is proud to announce we have partnered with Jazze Pha who is a primary shareholder of Hopspottr, Inc. Through this special partnership, Jazze has been granted the authority to offer this exclusive deal to anyone who uses our app during this early opportunity program. A summary of this exclusive offer if you sign up through Jazze is as follows:

  1. Entertainers will receive 100% of the revenue earned using our ‘drop-in’ functionality for the first 90 days. After that, their lifetime rate will be 70/30, meaning the entertainer keeps 70% of revenue generated from all ‘drop in’s’ and Hopspottr keeps 30%. The rate without this special is 60/40.

  2. Verified Badges will be granted to each account.

  3. All future functionality designed to produce revenue for entertainers will be at a 15% discount for life. For example, if our standard rate for a new revenue-producing function is the entertainer keeps $0.60 per dollar and we keep $0.40 their rate would be 15% better (they keep $0.69 per dollar instead of $0.60).


As an example, we will use “dropping in” to a nightclub in LA. For each 1,000,000 fans an entertainer has they should have around 13,000 of those fans within a 50 mile radius of downtown. If we charged the business $1.25 per push that entertainer would earn $16,250 simply for stopping by that club and using our app.

Our initial calculations show we expect to have thousands of participating businesses across the US within months of our initial launch for this new “drop in” program, bringing the potential for entertainers to earn up to $250,000 each year per 1 million fans.


The bar and nightlife industry generates $24 billion in revenue annually from over 64,000 businesses in the US and the restaurant industry produces over $700 billion annually. This is almost a $1 trillion market combined.


Hopspottr is run by Archie Peterson and Nathan Peterson. Archie built a strong career in the music industry and has written songs and performed with some of the biggest artists in the world. Nathan has been building tech companies since the early 2000’s, one of which had an annual revenue of over $9 million.

Both Archie and Nathan have spent the past year dedicating their lives to building Hopspottr from the ground up. Anyone who knows them agrees that their work ethic and understanding of business is top notch.


Hopspottr is a unique way for everyone to interact with the places they love to go. We own proprietary software that enables us to provide a service no one else can and are confident that anyone who works with us will have a great opportunity to share in this $1 trillion industry.

If you think you’re a good fit for Hopspottr’s Early Opportunity Program please reach out to Jazze and we will set up a meeting to go over everything to get you interacting with your fans in a unique way while earning revenue from these interactions.