Make Money By Getting Hopspottr Followers

Hopspottr is excited to offer our new 'Funds For Followers' program! All you need to do is get people to follow you on our app and we will pay you $2 for each follower you get. Here's how it works:

  1. Create an account on our Hopspottr iOS account (click here to download)
  2. Share the app with your friends and ask them to sign up and follow you
  3. Once you get 10 followers click here to message us and we will send you $20 via Paypal, Vimeo, or Google Wallet within 30 minutes
  4. After that, for each 50 followers you get we will automatically send you $100

Hopspottr has an 'Invite Your Friends' built right into the app as well as a 'Share' option that makes it easy to get started. So go ahead and download our free iOS app today and start making money!

Chat with us on Messenger!

Just take a screenshot of the image below, open Facebook Messenger, click your profile image in the upper left and then click your code at the top. Click 'Scan Code and choose the screenshot and you'll be right in touch with us.